Credit Card Security Tips        

Notify creditors of address change if you are moving. Coincide it so that you are at the new address before new statements arrive.

Never sign a blank or incomplete credit card receipt. Ensure that the charge is shown before you sign it.

Report lost or stolen credit cards immediately. You will not be liable should charges be incurred after you have reported it.

Shred or burn all old statements and receipts that you are getting rid of. Never throw then in the trash.

When changing the PINs on your credit cards dont use codes that match your personal statistics (eg) birthday, age, name, address etc.

Check your monthly statement against your receipts. Report immediately any discrepancies and charges that you cant account for.

Dont give out your card number to anyone unless you are the one that has started the credit card transaction.

Sign a new card immediately after receiving it.

Keep a list of your credit cards and PINs in a separate and safe place. Also consider injecting a code in the numbers on this list. (Eg) you could increase the third set of numbers by 3 so that 4537 would be recorded as 7860. Just remember the code.

If you are planing on making Internet purchases consider obtaining a credit card with a low credit limit (Eg) $500.00. Also insure that the merchants with whom you are making the transaction has the latest in encryption technology on their sites.
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